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My site is to showcase the range of Australian inspired, hand drawn and hand finished scarves and wraps ideal as souvenirs, gifts and accessories. 


Life's a Beach - Hyam's Beach.

Margaret Videan

Hyam's Beach on the south coast of Australia is said to have the whitest sand it the world. The beach is very long and walking the length of the beach is a delightful daily routine. There are such fascinating things that are washed up on the beach I thought they deserved their own scarf, which I've made in silk and cotton in collaboration with Pip Wilkinson, a talented young graphic designer.

An added bonus is that my walking buddy Maria, a professor of marine biology, has listed the scientific names for all the bits we came across on the beach. Scroll down to see!

My dear friend Irmela, visiting from Rome, became my spontaneous model 

My dear friend Irmela, visiting from Rome, became my spontaneous model 

Sea urchin - purple sea urchin Heliocidaris Erythrogramma

Starfish - Pentagonaster

Spiral shell - deep-sea cephalopod - Spirula Spirula

Blue summer crab Portunus Pelagicus

Cuttle fish bone

Sydney Cockle, Anadara Trapezia 

Neptune’s necklace - Hormosira Banksii

Waratah anemone, Actinia Tenebrosa 

Port Jackson shark egg case Heterodontus Portusjacksoni


Sydney Skyline and the Opera

Margaret Videan


Having ditched the corporate treadmill in pursuit of something more creative and personally challenging I decided to make scarves. Lovely, hand drawn creations on gorgeous fabric. My first customer was the Australian Opera and Handa's harbour-side performance of Madame Butterfly. Mirra Whale and I designed this lovely Sydney skyline scarf which sold out as every evening was chilly and they were just the perfect merchandise for such an event. 

Lizzie from London visits

Margaret Videan

My lovely friend Lizzie flew over from cold and wintery London for a few weeks of Sydney summer sunshine!  We had a lovely lunch on the deck of the CYC in Rushcutter's Bay. Of course she had her lovely silk Kavara scarf with her to add a bit of colour and style. 

End of summer at Hyam's Beach Store and Cafe

Margaret Videan

The range of organic cotton scarves are sweetly displayed on an old ladder at this delightful little costal cafe. 

They are perfect accessories for the beach, as their generous sizing make them versatile to use as a sarong, scarf or draped around your shoulders against the sun or the wind.